Motorcycle Service


Service Packages and Stand Alone Services

Motomax is a fully equipped workshop on wheels; servicing your motorbike or scooter on a lift inside our vehicle. We offer mobile motorcycle and scooter services, repairs, transport, electrical and engine rebuilds. We pick up and drop off your bike, offer after-hours call outs in case you’ve broken down or crashed, we can even just transport your bike from one place to another!

A variety of service packages and stand alone services available. We’ve got you covered from the minimum your bike needs to remain roadworthy, to an all over maintenance check.

All service package deals include a call-out fee or pick up and drop off (otherwise normally $40).

Please note: some bikes will actually be cheaper to service than the prices listed, as not all service items may apply to your bike. For exact pricing, please fill out the contact form or call us directly. All prices include GST.

Basic Service

The bare minimum to keep your bike healthy and roadworthy.

Basic service includes:

  • Oil and filter change
  • Chain lubed and tensioned
  • Other minor checks and adjustments
Standard Service

The perfect package if you haven’t serviced your bike in a while, or you don’t know when the last service was done.

Standard Service includes:

  • Everything from a Basic service
  • Coolant
  • Brake fluid
  • Gearbox oil
  • Air filter
  • Spark plugs
  • Throttle/carburettor balancing

From $400

Fork Oil Change

Fork oil viscosity has a huge impact on bike handling and stability. Street bikes should have a fork oil change every two years, so if you don’t know when yours have been done, they probably never have!


Comprehensive Service

The ultimate bike service. Includes everything from the Basic and Standard services, plus a valve clearance check and adjustment. Valve clearances are absolutely critical to the health of your engine, checking them is intended as a routine maintenance procedure on the overwhelming majority of bikes.
From $500

Scooter Service

We love scooters at Motomax! Book a service with Motomax and show your scooter some love! They’re smaller and lighter than bikes, so it makes sense that the service bill is smaller and lighter too.
From $120


0800 46 93 99

We repair, service and rescue all makes and models:

  • KTM
  • Ducati
  • Triumph
  • Harley Davidson
  • Hyosung
  • Kawasaki
  • Honda
  • Yamaha
  •  Suzuki

We fix motorbikes. It’s all we do, and we’re great at it!